Export Payment Methods and How They Work for You


Receiving guarantee of payment from a foreign entity is one of the most important factors of your export sale. This process is more difficult for overseas buyers versus domestic transactions, because the exporter does not generally have the same...

6 Tips for Export Compliance


Export compliance is an intimidating process, especially for small businesses. There are many different export regulations and laws for different countries. Misinterpreting or missing requirements all together can result in fines or penalties of...

Export Credit Insurance Explained


Primary methods of export payment can be risky, especially for the U.S.-based small business. The four most popular methods all have their drawbacks, but there is a way around the risks for small business exporters.


Credit Insurance is a method...

Countries Ripe for Export Opportunities in 2018


The United States is currently the world’s number two exporter of goods throughout the world, falling behind China in the number one position. Statistics are projecting that U.S. exports will increase between 2.92% and 4.47% annually over the...

What Does Trade Finance in 2018 Have in Store?


The global economy is on a steady upswing, which is wonderful news for trade and economic growth. This growth pattern coincides with a strong outlook for trade finance in 2018. Global GDP is set to expand by 3.6% in 2018, and 3.8% in 2019.

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