The Due Diligence Process In a Trade Export Finance Transaction


Due diligence for export finance encompasses aspects of legal and financial components referencing the ability to meet obligations in the trade business.  It serves as a vital business function of determining the worthiness of the transaction. ...

How to Negotiate With Foreign Buyers | Tips From An Export Finance Company


The art of negotiation in trade consists of language challenges, and cultural barriers accompanied with astonishing success when executed accurately. Before you start the negotiations, be sure the buyer is capable of making a binding commitment....

When Your Company Should Use Medium-Term Financing

Today’s global market is extremely competitive, so foreign buyers are always looking for the most flexible terms. Being able to offer better options increases your chance of closing the sale. You can increase your flexibility with medium-term...

Drake Finance Provides Medium-Term Equipment Loans at Home and Abroad

Capital equipment can be an enormous investment. As a U.S. exporter trying to sell capital equipment to customers in foreign countries, you can run into issues in financing. Most exporters require payment upon delivery – an arrangement that can...

The Benefits of Pre-Export Financing with Drake Finance

Pre-export financing occurs when a bank or other financial institution finances a borrower based on proven orders that buyers supply. A borrower might seek pre-export financing in order to create and supply the goods or services. At Drake...

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