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Tips for New Exporting Entrepreneurs


Whether a business is new to the export business or seasoned, reviewing tips of the trade is always helpful. Each organization will establish its own methods and ideas for the process, but we have compiled a list of essential and helpful tips.

Pros and Cons of Various Export Finance Solutions


Financing assistance is a vital part of the U.S. economy. Many small businesses may feel that they are too small or cannot afford to compete in the global market. This is where export financing becomes an option. Deciding which financing option...

Ensuring You Understand the Export Shipping Documentation Process


Export documentation can be lengthy, confusing, and tedious. Document requirements will depend on U.S. government requirements, as well as the receiving country’s regulations. Small mistakes or omissions can halt the entire process and leave your...

Export Payment Methods and How They Work for You


Receiving guarantee of payment from a foreign entity is one of the most important factors of your export sale. This process is more difficult for overseas buyers versus domestic transactions, because the exporter does not generally have the same...

6 Tips for Export Compliance


Export compliance is an intimidating process, especially for small businesses. There are many different export regulations and laws for different countries. Misinterpreting or missing requirements all together can result in fines or penalties of...

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