The Benefits of Pre-Export Financing with Drake Finance

Pre-export financing occurs when a bank or other financial institution finances a borrower based on proven orders that buyers supply. A borrower might seek pre-export financing in order to create and supply the goods or services. At Drake Finance, we understand the benefits of pre-export financing to business owners. It allows businesses to fulfill purchase orders they might otherwise not have had the means to fill. It is our goal to meet the needs of businesses who require working capital to remain in operation and profitable.

When Might One Need Pre-Export Financing?

Not every U.S. exporter has the immediate funds available to fulfill massive purchase orders from international buyers. Instead, they turn to lenders for pre-export financing – funding to produce and supply the goods or services prior to exporting it to the customer. At Drake Finance, we have the perfect solution for U.S. exporters who do not have the working capital to fulfill a purchase order.

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Our Pre-Export Purchase Order Working Capital Program provides simple financing services to exporters around the country. We enable our clients to fulfill even the largest purchase orders from customers around the globe. Our company can finance up to 100 percent of your purchase order, with funds directly to the supplier within 24 hours of approval.

How the Drake Finance Pre-Export Purchase Order Working Capital Program Works

To enroll in the program, all we need from exporters is the purchase order to the supplier, invoice from the supplier to the exporter, purchase order from the international customer to the exporter, and the invoice to the international customer from the exporter. The exporter must be located in the United States to qualify for this Drake Finance program. Once we successfully review your documents, we’ll advance the funds necessary to fulfill the order.

The exporter will then supply the goods or service to the international buyer and provide our firm with the Bill of Lading from the Transport Company as evidence of the export.

Get Started with Pre-Export Financing Today

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Getting pre-export financing is as easy as one, two, three with Drake Finance. It is our mission to meet the needs of the businesses we serve by providing them with the working capital they need to fulfill demanding international orders. Don’t turn down the opportunity for big money because of lack of funds. No matter how large your recent international purchase order, Drake Finance can supply up to 100 percent of financing. Contact our financing professionals for more information about this exceptional service with Drake Finance at (305)-854-0101.

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