Drake Finance Provides Medium-Term Equipment Loans at Home and Abroad

Capital equipment can be an enormous investment. As a U.S. exporter trying to sell capital equipment to customers in foreign countries, you can run into issues in financing. Most exporters require payment upon delivery – an arrangement that can prove difficult or impossible for international buyers.

Luckily, Drake Finance has a solution.

Our medium-term equipment loans and Export Financing program can make international sales not only possible, but easy. With our help, your international buyers can have the capital they need to seal the deal with your company.

Secure Equipment Financing for International Customers

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In many cases, American manufacturers are ready to export, but they hesitate about offering customers financing. This can make it difficult or impossible for business owners to get their services rolling. At Drake Finance, we offer a variety of solutions for export financing, all with our simple, streamlined process. We can provide financing such as the Export-Import bank loan program.

Our team provides term financing to international buyers after a credit check for the purchase of U.S. goods and services. We offer this option to customers in both the public and private sectors. Our loan guarantee program can help you get the competitive financing you need to sell goods abroad. We guarantee that your international buyers will receive enticing terms that may have previously been unavailable to them through other lenders.

When you use Drake Finance’s U.S. Capital Equipment Export Financing Program, we’ll advance up to 85 percent of your international buyer’s purchase order upon review of your sale. The Your exporter will receive our payment in as little as 48 hours. The buyer will typically cover the other 15 percent as a down payment for the equipment. The buyer then owes us, Drake Finance, instead of you. Our simplified process means no hassle for you or your buyer – just a done deal in a matter of days.

Recently Funded Deals

Below is a highlight of a few recently approved deals.

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Why Drake Finance is the Way to Go

Drake Finance has years of experience handling medium-term equipment loans to international customers. We recently extended equipment export financing from manufacturers in Texas and Utah to customers abroad. Our international trade financing programs are tried and true, coming with minimal risks and plenty of advantages. You can safeguard your business during international dealings and open the doors to selling to a much wider audience – all thanks to our company’s comprehensive loan programs.

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With Drake Finance, your medium-term equipment loan comes from a trusted industry leader in international trade finance. We serve companies around the country, helping business owners get started in spite of the high costs of capital equipment. Our equipment loans come with a streamlined process, a variety of export financing options, and flexibility to accommodate your individual enterprise’s needs. For more information, speak to the knowledgeable managing partners at Drake Finance. Contact us online or call (305) 854-0101 today.

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