When Your Company Should Use Medium-Term Financing

Today’s global market is extremely competitive, so foreign buyers are always looking for the most flexible terms. Being able to offer better options increases your chance of closing the sale. You can increase your flexibility with medium-term...

Using Export Credit Insurance to Make New Business Relationships

Export Credit Insurance Builds Business Relationships

Answering Your Questions About Trade Credit Insurance

Trading companies in the United States have many great opportunities available to them by entering the global marketplace. However, the potential benefits are equal to the risks when it comes to trading on the international market. One failsafe...

Six Tips for Quickly Increasing (and Maintaining) Cash Flow for a New Business

Few things top cash flow on a new business’s list of priorities. Inconsistent or unreliable cash flow can be fatal. It’s vital for business owners to track carefully how their liquid assets move through the company. We’ve identified a few key...

How Financing Can Save Your Business

Growing businesses sometimes encounter hiccups that can ultimately topple what they’ve built. While business owners often wince at the thought of taking on additional debt in already trying times, the right kind of financing keeps a business...

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