Drake Finance Provides Medium-Term Equipment Loans at Home and Abroad

Capital equipment can be an enormous investment. As a U.S. exporter trying to sell capital equipment to customers in foreign countries, you can run into issues in financing. Most exporters require payment upon delivery – an arrangement that can...

The Benefits of Pre-Export Financing with Drake Finance

Pre-export financing occurs when a bank or other financial institution finances a borrower based on proven orders that buyers supply. A borrower might seek pre-export financing in order to create and supply the goods or services. At Drake...

How to Improve Cash Flow Through Factoring

When funds run low, the growth of your business slows. Sometimes your business needs cash to invest in order to produce more profit. Factoring builds your cash flow quickly and gives you the flexibility you need.

3 Trends in International Financing

International Finance Trends

International trade provides unique opportunities and risks for investors. U.S. exporters looking to expand can learn how best to invest by analyzing current trends.

Drake Finance Helps Your Business Grow With Pre-Export Financing

Pre-export financing is a fantastic way to grow your business – when used strategically. In most cases, U.S. exporters will benefit from pre-export financing when a buyer suddenly places an unexpectedly large order. Small exporters may not be able...

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